Stuffing Out Stuffing In: My Appointment With The Breast Surgeon

25 Apr

nipple sparing

I had my appointment with the breast surgeon this morning.  Brian and I really liked him, he was direct, kind, and answered all our questions. We discussed my options about types of mastectomies and he said I would be a great candidate for a skin sparing and nipple sparing mastectomy, that means I would get to keep all my outer parts. Skin and nipples and the inner parts, meaning breast tissue, would be removed and replaced with my belly fat (can I hear a hallelujah?).

He told us that the mastectomy would not be the painful part and that the reconstruction scar would cause the most pain. His part would only feel like a “bad bruise“.  WOAH back the horse up a minute doc, you’re telling me that getting your breast literally chopped off and  stuffed feels like a ” bad bruise?”  Do I look like I was born yesterday?  I wanted to say “oh yes  the  same way my mother in law told me labor felt like  having bad menstrual cramps,  uh-huh right.” (wink wink)

He explained usually everything goes perfect, but occasionally the nipple’s blood supply can become compromised and it turns black and dies. This is what we label n medicine as necrosis. Nice, having a black, dead nipple does not sound to appealing  to me, so hopefully everything goes perfect. He explained if this happens, I  will lose my nipple and they have to make me one.

He also explained that I could bring my breast cancer  lifetime risk from 50-70%. (Which is what I am now) to  1%, but not to 0% since they can not get every speck of breast tissue.  Doggone it, if I get breast cancer and go through all this, I will be really pissed. However, he said it would be on the surface of the breast and we could feel it and catch it early.

The best thing I got out of the meeting was reassurance that I was doing the right thing. The doctor stated the majority of his patients are preventive mastectomy patients. I stated “So I’m not the only crazy one?” He said I was doing the right thing and if his wife had my family history and risk factors, he would want her to do the same thing. If it is good enough for his wife, then it is definitely good enough for me.


One Response to “Stuffing Out Stuffing In: My Appointment With The Breast Surgeon”

  1. Kristi Creed April 26, 2013 at 5:18 am #

    My mom told me the same thing about labor pains. Where do moms get that info??? It is not like that at all. Hope this better and just feels like a bruise. It is a man saying it, so who knows!

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