I Am Greater Than The Sum Of All My Parts: Who Is The True Me?

10 May

who am i

 The other day I was telling a friend about my future journey and she said to me” You are so brave  I would never feel whole if I had my breast removed. I just want to keep what God has given me” I pondered on this statement for awhile and started thinking  who am I? I mean the real me, my soul, spirit, and my true essence.

I am kind, loving, and loyal

I am caring, and giving

I am funny

I am independent and driven

I am fun to be around

I am a lover of 80’s music, warm weather, beaches, and driving with the music in the car blaring

I am a mom and a wife

I am totally in love with my husband and daughters.

I am not patient ( wish I was)

I am a child of God and a lover of Jesus

I am passionate about being a pediatric nurse

I am an introvert ( wish I wasn’t)

I am greater than the sum of  all my parts. I am not my breasts.


One Response to “I Am Greater Than The Sum Of All My Parts: Who Is The True Me?”

  1. Missy Barras May 10, 2013 at 9:50 pm #

    In July of 2007, I had my entire reproductive system removed, along with my appendix. In essence, they removed 90% of everything that makes a woman a woman. I can tell you, 5 and half years later, I’m more than I ever was with my missing bits. I’m healthy and full of life. Yes, you are so much more than bits of skin, fleshy tissue and a few glands. Never doubt that and never look back.

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