Friends Are Friends Forever……..

9 Sep


I had by Mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction on September 4th, that was 4 days ago. You never know who your friends are till you really need them. We are blessed to have new friends, old friends, and friends with other women who I have never met but have gone down this same journey before me and have answered my email questions like they were my friends forever.

Our new Life Group ( small group) from church provided us meals. They were all so delish I am sure my kids and husband do not want to go back to my cooking. Friends from work, and life long friends have stopped by our house and lifted my spirits. Friends on Facebook wrote encouraging messages.

An Anesthesiologist who I work with got a message on Facebook letting me go on about the evils of Morphine and what to change it to get rid of my Migraine that it gave me. Now he know more about me than he probably ever wanted to 🙂

Yes I am a blessed Lady!!!! Thanks each and everyone of you.

How am I doing? Better each day. I have these evil drains, 4 of them to be exact draining fluid from my incisions but I have this cute pink leopard pouch to carry them in. I am styling!!!drains.2

I go to the doctor tomorrow hopefully I will get one or more drains out. Well I better off to be for my beauty rest.

adult friends


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