The Good…The Bad…And The Ugly

10 Oct


I will get through this and I will heal.

My husband is patient, kind and loving even when I am not.

 God is always faithful, all the time

Our insurance company has paid 100% of all costs.

God always answers prayers. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes wait awhile, but he always answers.

Regretting it yet? Nope not a chance.


I went to my weekly appointment with my Plastic Surgeon for my abdominal donor site wound. He informed me that  wound is not healing at all,  even with the wound VAC so he is going to have to get more aggressive with it. He told me he is admitting me back into the hospital  for 1 week on Monday I am  to have surgery ( would debridement) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That was the final straw till I broke. I begged him could it be done outpatient? ” I can’t leave my family again.”

He sat there and listened and made me a deal. I come in Monday for surgery. They will culture the wound to see what is growing. Then    on  Wednesday surgery again and if the wound culture shows a bacteria  that  has to be treated IV then I  will  have to have IV antibiotics and will be admitted.  Hopefully I can take oral antibiotics and come back to the hospital on  Friday for surgery to close the wound.  I do not know how he is going to do that it is large.

My days of wearing a bikini are gone with this scar. ( I had to put a little vanity in here.)

This song is one that I listen to when my faith needs rekindling…..



photo (1)



2 Responses to “The Good…The Bad…And The Ugly”

  1. Kristi Creed October 10, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    Goodness! I’ll be praying for your upcoming procedures and appointments. By the way, your stomach looks like it’s saying hi to me above…I guess I’m a nurse when isee that instead of a wound.

    • ktorman67 October 10, 2013 at 7:31 pm #

      Maybe it is saying bye to you as in bye I am getting closed 🙂

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