21 Oct

shut up 

( Disclaimer everything in this post my wonderful husband knows, rolls his eyes at,  and still loves me!!!)

This last few weeks I have been to the operating room under “conscience” sedation. This is where you are not under general anesthesia just given medication to relax and kind of out of it. I have been through this  4 times  already with  tomorrow making the 5th so you would think  I am getting pretty good at this right? Well me and sedation do not go to well together, let me explain sedation is like being the only drunk one in a  room full of sober people. You wonder what you said the next morning in my case in a few hours after it wears off. I have no filter on my mouth, I think it and say  it end of story.

I will give an example. About 7 years ago I had to have a procedure under sedation. There was a medical rep in the room named Jeff he was there for a certain piece of equipment during the procedure. He was very good looking to say the least. I was given the sedation and what I thought in my head came right out my mouth.  I said ”  Is that  guy Jeff in here? He is gorgeous. That guy is HOT.” Needless to say the whole operating room busted out laughing and I remember thinking did I just day that out loud? My doctor said “yes he is standing right beside you.” I had to see him after my procedure to show me  how to work this piece of equipment I was going home with. I could have died!!!!!!

Back to my present procedures last week I was a bit nervous to be under sedation again and not fully asleep.  I told my doctor I am not responsible for anything I say while under. He laughed and said ok. Well I did happen to tell my doctor ( plastic surgeon) while under sedation ” Be sure and make the scar look good so I can go back to nighttime stripper job. I don’t need it ruining my tips,  the economy and all” OMG who knows what else I told him. For those that don’t know me I am 46 years old with 4 kids I am NOT a stripper nor have I ever been


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