A Little Nip & Tuck- Phase 2: Contouring

28 Nov

( Warning guys probably  want to skip this post unless they care about detailed breast reconstruction) There are pictures that depict the before and after the  procedure .  Not my photos but a brave fellow blogger’s  given to me with her permission.


I am about ready to start my next chapter on my reconstruction! I have my next surgery scheduled for December 27 and it’s an outpatient surgery, so should be a walk in the park compared to my surgery in September. When I originally was going to have my mastectomy, I was going to try to have a nipple sparing mastectomy, this is where they save your skin and nipple, however it increases your risk of cancer by 2-4% and the scaring in more noticeable with the nipple sparing mastectomy.

My plastic surgeon and I decided if I wanted to decrease my chance of breast cancer to the lowest percentage and have less scaring in the end, so I sided with the non-nipple sparing mastectomy. So during this surgery, I am having nipple reconstruction and contouring of the breasts. ( basically making them perfect 🙂 ) Hey, if I went through all this I want them perfect as possible! 🙂

I believe a picture tells the story better, so I asked a fellow blogger if I could borrow her pictures to show the before and after the second phase of breast reconstruction. STOP NOW IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE. Again these are not me I am not that brave haha.

These pictures are before nipple reconstruction:

breast prior surgery

breast before surgery2

These pictures are after nipple reconstruction:




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