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Haters Gonna Hate….Ramblings From a Sensitive Girl

25 Oct


My daughters use to say ” Haters are Gonna Hate” now I know what they were talking about.

What is it about us women that we care so much what other people think? Were we taught this as little girls or is it in our DNA? I try to convince myself that it does not matter what others think. It doesn’t matter for awhile, but the old feeling slowly creeps back in.

I have not had any haters about my lovely writing skills except my 17 year old ( who apparently thinks I write like a 2nd grader ) ūüôā Please forgive my grammar, spelling, and punctuation on my posts. I have dyslexia and am just thankful I can read and write. So no haters please.

Question 1:

Why would you put your life on display for everyone to see?


I have nothing to hide. I have family and friend around the country and it is easer to have all my information in one place.

A lot of women that have either had this surgery or are getting ready to have the surgery read this blog. Just as I read blogs when I was getting ready to have surgery and before when I was just researching the possibility. I did not even know you could have this type of reconstruction and If I did not know being a nurse and all I knew other women did not know either. Since I read so many blogs that helped me I want to pay it forward.

I write for my girls to have a journal of sort of my experience, thoughts, and feelings.. So one day they will know everything was for them so I would hopefully live a long life and not get Breast Cancer. I would have loved to have my mothers thoughts, feelings, during the difficult times in her life written down.

Question 2:

Who do you blame for your infection?


No one!!!!! I do not know if this is only a¬† Texas saying or not, but ” Shit Happens.” My doctor has been nothing but great, He went above and beyond helping me heal and I am eternally grateful. I believe God has a reason for all thing in our life. Lessons to learn, teaching patience to the inpatient, telling me to slow down and I do not have to do everything all myself, but mostly give up control put your faith in him and in the doctor’s hand. He knows I struggle with both patience and control and I am pretty bullheaded at times and need to be reminded I am not always in control of everything. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Question 3:

Why would you show your scars to the world?


Other women do not need to see the perfect surgery or outcome. They need to see what is real. Hopefully they get the perfect experience, but if they don’t then they will know they are not alone. When we were adopting the girls we went to classes and they told us worse case scenarios about a child you might get from Foster Care. I now believe they did this so anything better than the worst case your could handle and think this is nothing. It could be this bad instead. I approached my Mastectomy and reconstruction the same way I wanted worst case scenarios so if anything did happen ( like an infection ) it was not a big deal and could be worse.

I believe scars are the roadmap of my life. Each scar on my body tells a different story . The story of my life, and it has been a great ride so far.

If someone does not want to read this blog do not click on the link. It was probably not written for you anyway. But for anyone else come on in ask all the question you want, My life is an open book.



Stuffing Out Stuffing In: My Appointment With The Breast Surgeon

25 Apr

nipple sparing

I had my appointment with the breast surgeon this morning.  Brian and I really liked him, he was direct, kind, and answered all our questions. We discussed my options about types of mastectomies and he said I would be a great candidate for a skin sparing and nipple sparing mastectomy, that means I would get to keep all my outer parts. Skin and nipples and the inner parts, meaning breast tissue, would be removed and replaced with my belly fat (can I hear a hallelujah?).

He told us that the mastectomy would not be the painful part and¬†that the reconstruction scar would cause the most pain. His part would only feel like a “bad bruise“.¬† WOAH back the horse up a minute doc, you’re telling me that getting your breast literally chopped off and¬†¬†stuffed feels like a ” bad bruise?”¬† Do I look like I was born yesterday?¬† I wanted to say “oh yes ¬†the¬† same way my mother in law told me labor¬†felt like ¬†having bad menstrual cramps, ¬†uh-huh right.” (wink wink)

He explained usually everything goes perfect, but occasionally the nipple’s blood supply can become compromised and it turns black and dies. This is¬†what we label n medicine as necrosis. Nice, having a black, dead nipple does not sound to¬†appealing ¬†to me, so hopefully everything goes perfect. He explained if this happens, I¬† will lose my nipple and they have to make me one.

He also explained that I could bring my breast cancer  lifetime risk from 50-70%. (Which is what I am now) to  1%, but not to 0% since they can not get every speck of breast tissue.  Doggone it, if I get breast cancer and go through all this, I will be really pissed. However, he said it would be on the surface of the breast and we could feel it and catch it early.

The best thing I got out of the meeting was reassurance that¬†I was doing the right thing. The doctor stated the majority of his patients are preventive mastectomy patients. I stated “So I’m not the only crazy one?” He said I was doing the right thing and if his wife had my family history and risk factors, he would want her to do the same thing. If it is good enough for his wife, then¬†it is¬†definitely¬†good enough for me.

Can I have some of your fat? The line starts at the left‚Ķ

23 Mar


I went to the plastic surgeon the other day to see what my options were regarding reconstruction after my Preventive Mastectomy. I have to tell you how I met Dr. M, the plastic surgeon first. I pick up shifts at an urgent care center in Southlake. Once I was there, I heard one of the Doctors talking about her husband being a plastic surgeon and how he specializes in Breast reconstruction. God just puts you in the right place at the right time, huh? I got his number and went to see him and I loved him right away.

Ladies, did you know they can make boobs out of fat from your stomach area, butt, and thighs? So not only do you get new boobs, you either get a tummy tuck, butt lift, or thinner thighs, and insurance covers it all. I call that a win-win situation. All I have to say to that is SCORE. (Remember: I am thinking glass half full)

Back to the appointment with the plastic surgeon, he explained in great detail all my options from using my own fat-tissue to implants. There are so many ways to make boobies. I was overwhelmed by it all. He then asked me to undress from the top up, nothing like some man examining your breast while your husband sits on the couch across the room and stares daggers at him. That was too weird for me. Anyway, after he touched, measured, and prodded he decided to play let‚Äôs check the fat game. He pinched my fat on my tummy and stated, ‚ÄúWe need to do a CAT scan to check the vessels and the fat on your abdomen to see if there is enough.‚ÄĚ Really, Mr. plastic surgeon? You really need a CT to check my fat? I can pinch it up for you. There is enough to make some honking breast if you ask me.

Well off to the hospital in April to check my fat with a CT, kind of overkill in my book, but oh well. I am not the doctor, what do I know? I did not even know how they made boobs in the first place.

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